7 Cute Ideas for Gender Reveals

Finding out whether you are expecting a boy or a girl is one of the most breath-taking experiences you can ever have. You start to imagine their looks, list down their names, decorate their nurseries shop in readiness for the arrival of your bundle of joy. A gender reveals party is all you need to prepare for all that. Below, is a listicle of ideas you can borrow:

1. Scrabble it
If you are a fan of scrabble letters, this is the perfect moment to reveal their genders. Look for a letter than correspond to your reveal. Something like "It's a princess" or "A prince" will do. You can also add a cute baby's photo beside it.

2. Bow ties
Your guests are probably going to guess whether you are pregnant with a boy or a girl. Gather blue or pink bowties in a bowl, and let them choose. When the party is over, you will find out who was right and who made the wrong guess.

3. Let your furry friend do it
Your dog or cat has every right to welcome the new member of their family. Imagine how nice it can be when you let them reveal the secret. You can make them pose for a photo while holding the baby's boots or tiara. Capture this moment in a photo and use it for the next reveal, if you plan on having one.

4. Big brother/sister
This idea is perfect for people who are expecting their second, third, fourth children, and so forth. You can write the gender of the baby on a board, and let one attendee hold it for your guest to see. Remember to do it after they are all settled.

5. Popup balloons
Imagine you are having a staff meeting, then your boss announces that you are about to take a paternity/maternity leave. You can buy a pink or blue balloon, then pop it up to reveal the gender. You can also add either a blue or pink confetti inside the balloons to create more mystery when you finally pop them. Who knows? Your colleagues might surprise you with gifts at your baby shower.

6. Scribble it on sand
Going on a vacation along the beach is what you have always wanted as a couple. Imagine how interesting it gets when you scribble some words to reveal the gender of the baby. Words like "Peter Pan is on his way" or "Alice in Wonderland" are enough to help your friends find out whether it is a boy or a girl. Do not forget to upload the pictures on your social media page.

7. Photo-shoot it
Going to the studio for a maternity photoshoot seems old-fashioned. However, it always works for couples who do not have ideas for gender reveals. Look for a professional studio or outdoor photographer to take your picture. Both of you can decide to wear blue or pink outfits. Alternatively, you can hold boots or jumpsuits of either color. Nothing beats the power of a thousand words in a picture.

Gender reveals can make the perfect moment to allow you and your loved ones to welcome a new member of the family. The type of idea you choose defines your personality. So, try out any of these seven tips and see how it goes.

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